Camera Stabilizers offer an inexpensive way to mobilize your camera and travel with your subject.
Get creative by following your subject up or down stairs, low to the ground, over the shoulder of a two person shot – all with fluid motion.

Select from many different designs that allow you to mount your own camera, or from stabilizers that include an HD or 4K camera.
Don’t forget that using your GoPro or camera phone is also a great inexpensive way to get great footage. No more unwanted motion worries when using stabilizers that include a gyro.

Perfectly smooth footage can be attained without having to fix unusable footage in post. All it takes is a little practice.

To chose the best fit for your purposes here are some things to think about:

What venue will you be using? Is travel important?
When using your own camera, what’s the total camera weight you have? (Configure your camera with everything you might use as to arrive at the heaviest possible configuration. If you won’t use an item, don’t add it – try to travel light).